Who is 'The Lebanese Plate'?

I’m Lina, the face behind The Lebanese Plate.

I was born & brought up in the suburbs of Sydney to Lebanese migrant parents where I lived in a world of two clashing cultures. The Lebanese at home & the Australian one at school. The older I got, the more I realised that they need not clash at all. In fact, all I had to do was take the best of both worlds to form an Australian – Lebanese identity I was proud of.

I still live in Sydney, with my husband & 4 beautiful children.

I started off my career as a Secondary School English/History Teacher. I did this for about 10 years until life threw me a curveball that made me totally rethink the direction I was going in. This is when Photography came along. Something that I had always been passionate about. So I enrolled myself into a course, and as they say, the rest is history!

I’m a lover of good food. Good food that is well-presented and makes you scream out ‘YUM.’ This love pressured me to add food photography to my portfolio.

The Lebanese Plate for me is partly about food photography, partly food styling & certainly a lot to do with sharing my love for this cuisine. But overall, the main concept came from wanting to hang on to a special part of my Lebanese heritage.

One that I could hopefully pass down to my own children.

Rising Social Star Food Finalist


The Lebanese Plate

Online features, testimonials & in the media…


White Choc Baklawa CracklesMiddle Eastern and Australian flavours take you back to your childhood thanks to this fancy choc crackle. It almost feels mandatory to host a birthday party, now! #BringBackTheClassics

SBS Food

St George foodies learn from best in the biz – November 2 2017

The St George & Sutherland Leader

11 Smart Iftar Prep Tips For Anyone Cooking Solo – June 4, 2017

Natalie Brown, Buzzfeed

Popular food blogger Lina is ready to inspire  June 2 2017

The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Making the world happier, one plate of hummus at a time

Carla Grossetti, SBS Food

And while she doesn’t expect to “change the world”, she does hope to “change the minds of a few people and get them to see things from someone else’s perspective”. 

Alyssa Braithwaite, SBS Food

I have been following Lina’s work on Instagram for quite a while now and I really appreciate the work that she is doing to spread awareness and help address unwanted social and religious stigmas we have as a society. So here are excerpts of an interview with Lina and the significance of the #spreadhummusnothate campaign.

Dhanya Samuel - The Spice Adventures

We love Lina because she is truly passionate about what she does and hopes to inspire through her photography and her perfectly refined Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes.

Official Hijabi TV

With her appetising, perfectly refined Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes, and an Instagram account with over twenty thousand followers, it’s no wonder that Lina Jebeile is the hottest thing in the Australian culinary industry right now. – November Issue 2016

Widyan Fares - The Point Magazine

What Lebanese-Australian Muslims want Peter Dutton to know – SBS Online, 23 November 2016

Shami Sivasubramanian & Bianca Soldani - SBS

Meet the Aussie mum who wants us to spread hummus, not hate – SBS Food 4 October, 2016

Bianca Soldani - SBS

Feature recipe – A Lebanese-Australian Sausage Roll

The Lebanese Plate is partly about food photography, partly food styling & certainly a lot to do with sharing her love for this cuisine. But overall, the main concept came from wanting to hang on to a special part of her Lebanese heritage, and fusing it with her Australian identity. – A Modest Life, 27 September 2016

A Modest Life

The Lebanese Plate spreads message on culture and diversityAustralian Muslim Times, 28 September 2016

Yusra Hadi - AMUST

“The mum of four is behind The Lebanese Plate and has amassed more than 20,000 followers on her Instagram page since it was launched last year.” – The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader, 26 September 2016

Kahlia Beichert - The St George Leader

Totally inspired by Food Photographer, Food Stylist, and all round awesome Lina from Lina J Photography and wonderful blog The Lebanese Plate – honoured to interview her for our blog today! – 27 November 2015

Life of my Heart

It’s time to spill the beans on the Top 3 in our final category – Food & Travel.

Here’s the clever three who caught the judging panel’s attention (amidst SUPER tough competition, I might add!) 

Kidspot Voices of 2015

“As we start to know more about food and about making healthy choices, it’s always refreshing to see kids who are confident and happy to eat different foods. These vibrant sandwiches are certainly more enticing (and more nutritious!) than the standard, plain, neutral-colored sandwich. A good rule-of-thumb is to incorporate a “rainbow” of colorful produce into any meal, and you can feel great about the foods your kids eat.”

Christine Wong - The Feed Feed

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