Come eat with me!

Come eat with me!

quoteThis weekend was one of those crazy kind of weekends where there was so much happening and not enough time to stop and soak it all in. There was my nephew’s ‘Superhero’ birthday bash on one day and a family gathering at my place on the other. And where there are family gatherings… there is always food!

Yep, food.

Glorious food!

Lots of food!

And I love it.

It’s true and I’m happy to admit it. I’ll even sing it from the roof tops. I love good food and I love to eat good food. Good food that looks great too. Who doesn’t, right? Whether you’re eating in or eating out, having a plate full of yummy goodness in front of you almost always brings a twinkling of joy to your soul.

But before you judge me as a glutton, allow me a moment to explain myself.

We all know food is a necessity, but to me it’s more than just the consumption of ingredients to nourish one’s body. Over the years I have come to the realisation that the food I eat (and have grown up eating) is a binding part of my identity. It’s a kind of “tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are” idea and as much as I tried to reject the food on the table as a child, as an adult I now embrace it whole-heartedly. In fact, I sometimes think it’s one of the very few things left that links me back to my heritage. These days I look at it as a keepsake, as such, handed down by my parents that I’m hoping will be passed on to my own children.   


By the same token, I can not dismiss the overriding concept of sharing food.  The sharing of food or a meal has always played a central role in my family and as in many other cultures, it is a sign of respect and one of the best forms of hospitality. Unfortunately, everyday habitual life doesn’t give me a lot of opportunities to do this often, but when I can I jump into it and being the obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist I am I go above and beyond.

This weekend I was excited to have the chance to do just that – to cook lots of food and share it with family over a (mighty big) breakfast. At the same time, since my eldest daughter was a few days away from celebrating her 14th birthday, I decided to add some old fashioned fun and games to celebrate this occasion.


In the couple of days leading up to this breakfast there was a lot to prep, which I did not mind at all since I was using any excuse to start test driving my new Ford Everest Titanium. I’ve been very lucky to have been selected as a participant in Kidspot‘s #FordThinking Challenge this year, which means for six weeks I’ll be one of the first in Australia to test drive one of Ford’s newest vehicles.

For someone of my short petitie (just a teeny bit over 5 foot) stature, driving around in the Everest did seem a bit daunting at first. But I must say with it’s exceptionally clear Rear View Camera and Rear Parking Sensors I’ve been driving around with just as much confidence as I would in a smaller vehicle. You’ll now even find me reverse parking into the tightest spots at my local shopping centre and as I hop out I’ve been secretly imagining an audience of on-lookers clapping and cheering on my perfectly professional standard parking as I bow and wave!

Anyway back in reality, I’m actually rushing from shop to shop trying to gather what I need for my big breakfast. With one hand trying to control the supermarket trolley (that seems to keep moving in the opposite direction that I’m going in) and more bags in my other hand, I lean over to push the electric PowerFold* button that automatically folds the 3rd row seat flat (love!). I pack the car and (for what has been a typical scenario this week) I scramble to get to school pick up on time.


My big breakfast has now come and gone. The weather was beautiful and the yummy food worked it’s magic like a glue, connecting people where it’s no longer simply eating, but sharing a meal and turning a mundane repetitive task into something more meaningful and memorable.

I really encourage and remind others (myself included) to do this more often because you can never under estimate the satisfaction you get from sitting around with family and friends, conversing with delicious food in hand.

So, who would like to come eat with me next?


*Check out the Ford Everest’s electric PowerFold button in action below!



As a Top 3 Finalist in Kidspot’s Voices of 2015 I have been given the opportunity to participate in the #FordThinking challenge, sponsored by Ford Australia. As part of the challenge I get to test drive Ford’s brand new Everest for 6 weeks and blog about my experience. This is Blog 1 of 3 posts.

Thanks for coming along on this ride with me! 

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