RAMADAN WEEK 4 The Turning Point

RAMADAN WEEK 4 The Turning Point


We’ve reached the final week of the fasting month of Ramadan. And whilst it always feels like it comes and goes so quickly, there are plenty of times when it feels like you’ve been fasting forever. I’m not sure about you, but I always find I get that ‘run down’ feeling at week 3. 

I’m sure most mothers of young kids, especially, have thought this when trying to stay on top of work commitments, on top of household chores, kid’s schooling, sports, other extra curricular activities and of course having a wholesome meal ready for iftar! It’s not easy, I know!

On these days perspective must come to play.

Perspective is everything when fasting.

Perspective of what we have and what we don’t. What we choose to do and what we have to do. What we are exposed to and what we are protected from.

Perspective reminds us of what we so often take for granted. You know the simple, negligible stuff that we don’t think twice about. Stuff that so many others spend their life praying for – food, clean drinking water, health, shelter, safety.

Perspective keeps us in remembrance of the less fortunate. Those who are forced to fast all year round because that’s the world they live in – whether it be due to poverty, war or famine. When we are at our worst we need to remember these people and be grateful for how easy we have it. 

This realisation, this gratitude I find is the turning point of the month. The tough job, though, is to keep it in mind beyond the month of fasting. 

This last month the world experienced some devastating tragedies. From Baghdad to Kabul to London, so many innocent lives taken way too soon. The fact that these supposed ‘Muslims’ chose the holiest of months to commit these attacks, that choice in itself should prove how far away they are from the religion. These people have only one goal, that is to appease their own selfish, narcissistic appetites and divide the world. So in this last week of holiest of months I pray for the families affected, I pray that my family and yours never cross their evil path and keep us all safe from harm.

Make sure you all take advantage of this last week and try as best you can to ‘Ramadan so Hard!’ (Find the Modern Eid ‘Ramadan so Hard’ tote here)

I hope this month you’ve been able to positively keep hold of your eating habits and are able to run with these throughout the rest of the year. Hiba Jebeile (Nutrition/Dietetics) and I have tried to give you a variety of meal ideas to help you along the way in our weekly Ramadan Menu Plans. We hope you have found these beneficial.

A special thank you this week goes to Farah Farah’s Kitchen, Nadia Sweet Pillar Food, Majid The Cinnaman and Amanda Amanda’s Plate for sharing their recipes!

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask them in the comments below or on my Instagram or Facebook. You can also get in contact with Hiba via her Instagram @shoudieatthis , Twitter or website www.shouldieatthis.com.au/.

And don’t forget to download the Ramadan Menu Plan WEEK 4 with clickable links here!

Make sure you all take advantage of this last week and try as best you can to ‘Ramadan so Hard!’

Ramadan Kareem!



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  1. My eyes are just glued to the food presentation,feeling like scooping it out through the screen


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