About Us

Who is ' The Lebanese Plate ' ?

The Lebanese Plate began as a visual journal via Instagram to share Lina Jebeile's love of food photography, food styling & love for Middle Eastern, specifically Lebanese, cuisine. 

Born & brought up in the suburbs of Sydney to Lebanese immigrant parents Lina started off her career as a Secondary School Teacher and worked her way up to school Principal of an independent school.

After giving up this career in education, her passion for food as a way to hang on to a special part of her Lebanese heritage flourished. Growing up the daughter of immigrants, emersed in a world of clashing cultures, food became the most ideal way to link both worlds and form an Australian – Lebanese identity she was proud of.

Over the last few years, Lina has created content for some of Australia's largest brands and companies from Kenwood to ABC Everyday to Woolworths and Ebay Australia. She was chosen as a contributor to 'New Voices on Food' (an anthology of works celebrating the diversity of voices to be found within the Australian food landscape). She has also appeared on Australian TV for cooking segments on Studio 10, a few episodes of SBS Food's The Cook Up and appears for regular segments on ABC's Weekend Breakfast News to chat all things food.

Lina's content creation has now led to a range of traditional The Lebanese Plate spices with more Lebanese Cooking essentials coming soon to the online store.