The DIY Falafel Kit (ingredients only)

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With pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe, it's easy to make delicious falafel at home.

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This DIY Falafel Kit (ingredients only) is the perfect way to get started on making Falafel at home!

This DIY Falafel kit Refill includes the basics ingredients only to make the most delicious homemade falafel. 

All you'll need is a Falafel Maker tool, the fresh herbs & oil and before you know it you'll be making falafel that tastes as if it's straight from your favourite take out joint. 

The Kit includes: 

350g Chickpeas

150g Fava Beans

Bicarbonate of Soda

1 x onion

1 x bulb of garlic (you will only need 5 cloves for the recipe)


Sesame Seeds

1 x Recipe Card (with QR code for video tutorial)


This DIY Falafel Kit (ingredients only) does not include the Falafel Maker tool. It includes ingredients only. The DIY Falafel Starter Kit including a Falafel Maker Tool can be purchased separately here.


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